Value Pack

Today we talked about what we thought was important to our management team. Where we’re at and where we’re going. We’ve booked a fancy hotel and experienced facilitator, pulled out all the stops because it’s important.  And I’m not dissing it; getting away, just the 10 or so of us, with expert guidance, is productive. … Continue reading Value Pack


The Boundaries of Inclusion

Seventy-five million passengers pass through London Heathrow every year!  Seventy-five thousand workers find their employment there!  Oh the humanity! On my very first day of airport chaplaincy, nearly 20 years ago at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, doing a placement as the student of a theological college, I was left alone to be the host of the … Continue reading The Boundaries of Inclusion

For people of all faiths…and those of none.

Anyone who takes the time to survey the world of airport chaplaincy with anything more than a passing interest will soon discover that there are as many different varieties of chaplaincy as there are airports. Every airport has a unique set of characteristics: its physical location, size, the nature of local businesses, passenger & cargo … Continue reading For people of all faiths…and those of none.