Today has been a waste.  I was planning to get my ’07 and ’08 amended tax returns done (yippee!) but I never got there.  Instead I spent the day opening 10,000 emails…

For my new job in the Hague I thought I’d be clever and give myself a new email alias so that, along with my already existing aliases, I could more easily keep track of emails originating from my different social contexts.  A couple of weeks ago I set the alias online at my email provider (@mac.com, a product of Apple), sent a note around to all my new contacts, and ordered business cards with the new address.

Then the headaches began.  Apple has recently switched the domain to @me.com (egotistically awful!) whilst still allowing the old-style @mac.com aliases to continue.  But apparently not new aliases with that suffix.  And because our Mac computer is so old, and running an outdated version of Apple’s Mail application, I was blissfully unaware I was setting up an email address that could SEND emails, but not RECEIVE them.  Before long I had stacks of people contacting me by other means telling me their emails to me were bouncing.

Today, in the course of setting things right I ended up downloading and opening – twice! – all my emails saved online, running back a couple of years.  Again, because our computer has a rather slow processor, this was a task that took hours.  I still don’t have things set up like I want them.

Now I’ve just got to cross-out my wrong address on 500 business cards and write the correct one in by hand.  That looks really snazzy.

Time to turn off this old computer, have a glass of wine, and chill.

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