Comment Please

So, a year has gone by since I made a new year’s resolution to give up Facebook and start blogging instead.  I did both, but near the end went back to FB – too many people asking why I wasn’t available there.

I’ve made 77 posts on my blog.  Discounting the very short ones, copies of other writing, and the updates on Thomas, I’ve averaged about one entry every 5 days.  Not bad.  But some of them are pretty bad, if you catch my meaning.  Other entries I’ve been quite pleased with.  I promised myself never to delete a blog, though I have done some cosmetic work on them, here and there, after initial posting.  (I really wish I had an editor!)  And I’ve never yet had to reject a Comment.

With regards to Comments: for all my effort, I’ve only received 52 comments posted on the blog itself.  I’ve probably received three times that number via email.  I’m guessing many people prefer to share their thoughts privately with me.

Comments, anyone?  Which was your favorite entry?  Should I keep it up, or stop already?  Let me know what you think.  And, once again, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Comment Please

  1. My favourite has to be the two dollar bill story. I find your blogs insightful and thought provoking, plus I know Sarah would be upset if they were to stop!

  2. Howie,
    Don’t stop blogging. It’s great. As for the comments, I sometimes think I’d like to say something but it doesn’t add anything so I don’t. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.

  3. I’d have to say my favorite blog of this year was “caught”. And of course you must keep on blogging because you write well and I enjoy reading your perspective on events.

  4. I have to admit that I ‘dip’more than ‘follow’ your blog, but have always enjoyed what I read. I like the stories, but I read the blog to catch the moment of reflection- particularly the moments of “I used to…but now I….” Perhaps this is what resonates when you’re somewhere in your forties….?

  5. About the comments: my comment here is an illustration of what happens. I don’t hit your blog daily, more like twice a month, and then often the story I’d comment on is already “old news” and I don’t bother.

    Also, I don’t have much to add.

    But as a blogger who’s also on facebook, I’d say rig it as I did, that your blog gets a facebook feed and your entries here get published as “notes” on facebook as well. I just write my blog, but I usually get more reactions on the facebook notes.

    I can imagine people eMailing you rather than leaving a comment here, especially if they know you personally and have your eMail in their address book anyway.

    Favorite story? Somehow I, too, immediately remember the $2.00 bill story, even though I enjoyed a lot of what you’ve written.

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