Traveling with an iPod

Traveling with an iPod…

Sa Majeste La Reine Elizabeth II, Reine Du Canada, is smiling benevolently at me from over the bank of payphones. And I am leaving what must be one of the most beautiful islands in her dominions, a walk-on aboard another sovereign, the Queen of Alberni, whose whistle has just sounded to signal our departure from the peaceful cove behind Duke Point. I’m off to old Aberdeen, a journey of some 30 hours by ferry, bus, rail and airplane, hoping the Tate can be squeezed in during my stop at Gatwick.

And I’m traveling with my iPod. Not an iPad or iPhone, but a second-generation iPod I bought off my teenage daughter when she moved another rung up the technology ladder a few years ago. Sure, I’ve got plenty of pen and paper along too, but this little gadget is my only electronic device for the week to come – my only word processor, emailer and link to the WWW. Is it up to it?  We’ll see.

First challenge: no wifi on BC Ferries, at least not on this old boat. So that means my first opportunity to share my random thoughts with the world will come at YVR.  And is it even possible to cut these words out of the iPod’s “Notes” app and paste them on the WordPress website?

If you are reading this then I managed to get over these first two hurdles. Which, according to my high school track coach, means I’m off to a good start.

Oh, did I mention WHY I’m headed for oily Aberdeen? The annual conference of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains. Just say “I-A-C-A-C”.

More later!

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