I’ve been working on my rewrite, that’s right
I’m gonna change the ending
Gonna throw away my title
And toss it in the trash

         – Paul Simon, “Rewrite”

Welcome back, gentle reader.  About a year ago I stopped writing this blog.  In fact, I took it offline, even offline in my head; I haven’t looked at it for about 10 months now, and my last entry, at Canadian Thanksgiving last year, was a rather half-assed effort, a white flag waving in the autumn mist.  Today, reviewing all I have written since starting in 2009 I can see that as a body this blog is uneven.  Some of my posts are really quite awful, others I am happy enough with that I’d like to save them in print so my children at least will remember my version of the life I’ve lived.  In any case I’ve kept a promise to myself not to delete anything I posted.

Today I decided to start again.  This past year has seen me embark on what Fr. Richard Rohr in his delightful book Falling Upward refers to as the second half of life: a second journey, another go, a rewrite, based on a new understanding of one’s identity.  I intend to share some of that journey with you, in part because whatever else I am or have become I remain hopeful that my life will contribute to the common good, and perhaps others can learn from my experience.

I started life in the middle of the Amazon jungle, born to a lovely American fundamentalist evangelical missionary couple who had abandoned all claims on a normal WASP life in the USA so they could contribute their talents to bring The Word of God to the Bible-less tribes of Brazil.  There’s so much in that sentence that needs unpacking it’s ridiculous.  That identity formed the entire basis of my first journey in life, and so that is where I must begin my story.


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