Advent One*

A voice says, “Cry out!”
And I say, “What shall I cry?”


Barren trees upon
Frozen mountains, steely blue under
grey-clad sky;
Better: underlings, collaborators,
Tongue-biting lackeys of a Higher Power.

The crow dares, dark of heart and wing.
Colour commentator of things
not his business.
“Ga!”, he shouts convincingly.

A single word from above.
The Word that changes everything?

It’s Greek to me.
Or Dutch, and Portuguese.

“Nonsense,” says the crow, clear as a bell,
“it’s Gobbledygook, the language of heaven, and of hell.”
He lifts his head and laughs.

Those ancient Semites had it right.
A new day begins with night.
The Old has gone

the New is

What it is.

*I wrote this in 2013 when God seemed to be in a particularly reticent mood with me.


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