F*#k You, Terrorists

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because in your twisted mind living, breathing, happy people are mere objects for destruction.  Your cause is nothing more than a flimsy veil, and you are nothing more than misguided, perverted murderers.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because you will never, ever, succeed in rending the fabric of modern, liberal, democratic society.  Your cause is hopeless, and we know it.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because I work in a place where I may come face to face with you and, even though you kill me, yet you cannot make me hate you.  I will die knowing that your children, or your children’s children, will one day curse your deeds and honour mine.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because you have lived among us in duplicity, enjoying the freedoms you supposedly detest.  If you hate our society so much feel free to move to some dark corner of the globe where your values are given free rein; go on, taste what you wish for and see how you like it.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because of you, millions of peace-loving people of your ethnicity and religion are treated with suspicion, painted with your ugly brush.  But we will not fall for it, we will not judge a book by its cover, we will not hold back those of any colour or creed who stand on the side of justice.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because you have no empathy and your ethics are an empty shell.  Your religion, otherwise nobel in its true form, is in your hands an ineffectual fig-leaf over a bereft morality.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because you wrongly believe that, because we are afraid to die, we are afraid of you.  You presume a power you do not own and miscalculate the depth and strength of our courage, the timbre of our resolve.

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because at 09:00 this morning, an hour past your latest heinous crime, the babe in the arms of his mother in Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport was squealing and laughing with delight, bringing joy to all who heard him.  Life goes on, and we will enjoy it and embrace it in spite of anything you could ever say or do.




4 thoughts on “F*#k You, Terrorists

  1. Are you sure that saying F*#k you is not a form of hatred?
    And might condemning terrorists like this (however justified) not actually encourage them?
    Of course I like the defiance in this reaction, but are we not in fact allowing terrorists to very much influence our lives, and fooling ourselves by saying that “life goes on”? Terrorism is even used as an excuse for arming ourselves to the teeth, whereas spending all that money on detente might be a much better idea…

  2. I disagree with the statement: “Your religion, otherwise nobel in its true form, is in your hands an ineffectual fig-leaf over a bereft morality”. The truth is that the religion of Islam is not noble in its true form. The terrorists are those who are obedient to the Koran, which dictates what Islam looks like in its true form. The majority of those who call themselves Muslims (some which are just culturally Muslim and others who claim to practice Islam) are actually backslidden Muslims who are not obedient to the Koran. Understanding this is key to solving the problem. Islam not just a religion, it is also a governmental system that oppresses its people (especially women), indoctrinates its children into hatred of infidels (non-Muslims), and teaches that it is the duty of Muslims to require the infidel to either submit or be slaughtered, in accordance with the instructions of the Koran. This is the goal of Islam as laid out in the Koran: to subject or slaughter everyone until Islam has taken over the world. What is noble about that?

  3. Sorry, but having lived in a Muslim country, having Muslims as my friends and having done significant studies in Arabic and Islam at university, I find your understanding of Islam to be a grotesque misrepresentation, sadly all too common among Christians. I’ll leave your comment up, offensive as it is, only because it serves as a good example of the prejudice which fans the flames of mistrust between the world’s faiths.

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