It’s a new day and I’ve received a number of worried reactions about the post I made yesterday (just under this one on my home page).  Was it too crude?  Can a Christian minister write what I did?  Did I cross a line of encouraging hatred toward terrorists?

Actually, I chose my words quite carefully.  I made two previous attempts during  the day to write something, but in both cases my words were coming from my head, not my heart, and ended up being just more analysis in an already wordy day.

What’s the strongest, perhaps most emotional, term in the English language to express disapprobation?  Well, “f**k you” must be fairly high on the list.  Those who know me know it is not something I’ve ever said to another person.  But in this situation, allowing for the visceral nature of my reaction to the events of the day, I felt it was the best formulation to express my disgust and anger.

Not a “Christian” thing to use such strong language?  If you believe that then you have not understood the strength of language Jesus himself uses in the Gospels directed at those who use their religion as an instrument to bring harm to others.  What I said in the context of yesterday was certainly not any stronger than what he said in the context of his day.

Finally, do I hate the terrorists, or do I encourage hatred?  No, and no.  I feel sorry for these people, for the delusions that have gripped their minds, the lies they’ve been told, the shallow humans they have become.  What a sad way to live one’s life, and end it.

So, gentle reader, I will not take down the post.  It was written to be confrontational, to be an honest reflection of  what I was feeling, and -hopefully – to put into words what others were thinking and feeling too.


3 thoughts on “Blowback

  1. Strange that many feel the language is too strong…and yet the violence of which you write seems to be somehow more manageable. Reminds me of Stephen Lewis swearing in a speech and criticizing his listeners that they were more shocked at his language than the explicit fact that millions of people die from HIV/AIDS related illness in Africa.

  2. Howie – Be a watchman, blow the trumpet! Honestly, I am not sure there is a word strong enough to express the true heart of emotion that we all feel about these horrible acts of inhumanity. The puritans have the same word in there heart but they say friggin or gaul darn- they will get over it. Continue to be a leader. Continue to move in the spirit of D. Bonhoeffer. “Speak the TRUTH in AGAPE” – You are speaking the truth for the sake of AGAPE!

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