Lord’s Prayer, revisited

Caring guardian of us all
You have our enduring respect.
Undo the damage we have done
In our own lives and in the world.
May we have all we need for now.
Be gracious when we get it wrong,
and help us to do the same when we are wronged.
Steer us clear of whatever trips us up
and help us avoid truly bad situations.
We trust you have the authority and the resources,
and you deserve all the credit, come what may.
On this we can agree.

2 thoughts on “Lord’s Prayer, revisited

  1. Dear Howie,

    I was so surprised and happy to see “Off The Map” appearing in my email this morning! We enjoy reading your posts very much! We hope we are on your mailing list for the future.

    Keep writing. we often share your thoughts with others, as they are close to our hearts as well. And on top of that we get to read all those interesting adventures and humor you bring to the table.

    God bless you richly! Best wishes to you and Renata from Wim and Mimi.

    PS you probably know that we have a steady priest at Holy Spirit, Rev. Miranda Sutherland. We were about to close the doors, but she has helped us to revive with passion and practical insights. I am coordinating the Sunday school in a breakout room over zoom (not ideal). Work the garden around the church, as well as starting up an outreach ministery to the people at one of the modular homes (Garibaldi Ridge) for the (otherwise) homeless in Maple Ridge.

  2. I like it…interesting that you didn’t go (as the Lord’s prayer doesn’t go) into our responsibility to “fix things up”…I’ll be mulling on that one today…Thanks Howie

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