I am an Anglican priest who lives in London, UK where I work as Head of Multi Faith Chaplaincy for Heathrow Airport Ltd.  Our chaplains represent Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh faith communities and are available to people of all faiths and none who work at or pass through the airport.

I was born in Brazil of American parents, married a Canadian, moved to Europe and took Dutch citizenship.  I was baptized in a Baptist church, started theological studies in a Pentecostal school, married a Mennonite, became an Anglican, and saw my father ordained in the Presbyterian church at the age of 70.  I am married to Renata and together we have four grown daughters.

“I have never found it difficult to think outside the box.  I’ve lived my whole life outside the box; I just need to think.”

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HowieThis is me, caught while unlocking the door of the Anglican parish of Bruges, Belgium, where I served for a year in an intentional interim ministry.