On the Feast of St. Stephen we traveled to St. Paul's on the Metropolitan line, feeling just a wee bit awkward and self-conscious with our new backpacks and our homemade walking sticks.   After a few photos on the steps of the Cathedral we joined the other tourists for the midday Eucharist. A tall, unhappy-looking young … Continue reading Canterbury



Draw a circle on a piece of paper.  Go on, gentle reader, just indulge me for a minute or two. Any piece of paper will do, any poorly drawn circle. This circle represents the unity of God.  As you learned in geometry class, even though there are only 360 degrees in a circle, there are … Continue reading Trinity

Anglican Fudge

I've received a number of queries from non-Anglican, non-church-type friends asking what the recent kerfuffle in Canterbury is all about.  Here's my best shot at explaining a complex situation in simple terms.... There are about forty countries in the world that have church denominations with specific historical and cultural links to the national church of … Continue reading Anglican Fudge


I knew a Boanerges once.  He was a young man who worked with my mother in the company mailroom in Brasilia, in the 1970's; a handsome, likeable young man who, if childhood memory serves me well (which it rarely does), caused a bit of a stir among the missionary community on account of some extracurricular … Continue reading Boanerges

Why I want to quit the Church (again)

This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I saw the image of Donald Trump staring up at me from the little shag carpet we have in the bathroom.  There he was with his goofy hair, squinting eyes and that talented, floppy mouth that always manages to be smirking and saying something at the same … Continue reading Why I want to quit the Church (again)