Expat Drifter

Last summer my mother traveled up from Seattle on Amtrak to attend my daughter's wedding near Vancouver.  Through a miscommunication - she's not always a cognitive straight-shooter anymore - I went a day early to Pacific Central to pick her up.  But apart from that wasted afternoon it was really nice to have her hanging … Continue reading Expat Drifter


(Belated) Christmas Greetings

Today is Epiphany and Christmas is finally over.  We spent some hours taking the tree and all the decorations down.  For all my readers, here is a belated Christmas greeting that Renata and I put together on one wild day of shooting and editing in London. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx0ZGeXvIRY    

Random II

Uxbridge bus station exchange: Three women animatedly speaking Polish. A young man has had enough and approaches them: "Speak f*cking English!" he says loudly. The women stop, quietly sizing him up together. Then they turn back to each other and one says to the others, but loud enough for all to hear: "F*cking English." They … Continue reading Random II