London Tube Fracas

I suppose to him I Iooked like working class trash.  With my broad features and dark, tired eyes maybe I came across as just another insignificant middle-aged foreign worker heading home from the night shift. And I admit, I hadn't tried very hard that morning.  It was my day off and, focused on getting Renata … Continue reading London Tube Fracas


Expat Drifter

Last summer my mother traveled up from Seattle on Amtrak to attend my daughter's wedding near Vancouver.  Through a miscommunication - she's not always a cognitive straight-shooter anymore - I went a day early to Pacific Central to pick her up.  But apart from that wasted afternoon it was really nice to have her hanging … Continue reading Expat Drifter

For people of all faiths…and those of none.

Anyone who takes the time to survey the world of airport chaplaincy with anything more than a passing interest will soon discover that there are as many different varieties of chaplaincy as there are airports. Every airport has a unique set of characteristics: its physical location, size, the nature of local businesses, passenger & cargo … Continue reading For people of all faiths…and those of none.