Despair on the Express Bus

Her body suddenly pushed up against me as she took her place in the empty seat and the gentle nudge made me open my eyes. I’ve grown accustomed to spending some of my morning and afternoon commute, eyes closed, in prayerful thought about the people and tasks of the day ahead - or the day … Continue reading Despair on the Express Bus


To Madrid, for a stamp.

"No sir, that won't be a problem," said the heavily accented Dutch voice on the other end of a dim, crackling telephone line.  In the 1980's calling anywhere from Ceuta, one of the two Spanish enclaves on the North African coast, was always problematic, even if it was only to Madrid. "With our centralized computer … Continue reading To Madrid, for a stamp.

tic tac™ and Lent

Lent, the 40-day period in the Christian liturgical year marked by penitence and self-denial, starts Wednesday. My daughter, Eva, will be observing Lent by giving up Tic Tacs.  No small commitment, believe me, in spite of their diminutive size.  She goes through countless numbers of the green variety daily.  Personally, I think this is a … Continue reading tic tac™ and Lent