Finding Easter in Pulp Fiction

Maybe Jules  and Vincent (played by Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta) have something to teach us about Easter from their dialogue in Pulp Fiction.  Below is an excerpt from the screenplay. INT. APARTMENT – DAY The bathroom door BURSTS OPEN and the Fourth Man CHARGES out, silver Magnum raised, FIRING SIX BOOMING SHOTS from … Continue reading Finding Easter in Pulp Fiction



This was our family's Christmas greeting at the end of last year; for some reason I didn't think to post it here.  It features all of our kids and grand-kids (Lucas has been born since) and was filmed in three different countries.  Even though I'm late I will post it anyway, to make it part … Continue reading Happy!

“It’s only words…..”

My bookshelf has a small Arabic section, mostly dictionaries, grammars and the like.  Fifteen years ago I begged my way into the University of Amsterdam's Semitic languages faculty; I didn't have the prerequisite degree to do master's level language study, but because of my time in Morocco I was able to convince the academic staff … Continue reading “It’s only words…..”