This was our family’s Christmas greeting at the end of last year; for some reason I didn’t think to post it here.  It features all of our kids and grand-kids (Lucas has been born since) and was filmed in three different countries.  Even though I’m late I will post it anyway, to make it part … More Happy!

White Stone

As I write, Eva, one of my daughters, is at the doctor’s office with her partner, Matt, getting their first view of the new life forming in her womb.  If all goes well, this little child – to be born in the summer of 2015 – has every chance of living into the next century. … More White Stone

Coughing, Fit

Renata never nags me, thankfully, but she can be fairly persistent with her suggestions, especially when it comes to my well-being.  So last week I went to my doctor about a cough which I’ve had for nearly two months.  While I took heavy breaths he listened to my lungs, left and right, front and back, … More Coughing, Fit

Die Hard

Last night we watched one of those Bruce Willis Die Hard films on TV.  I had never seen any of them before but since it was on at a decent hour and co-starring Samuel L. Jackson, I figured I’d give it a shot.  I’ll pass on the other ones.  I mean, it did keep our … More Die Hard

Switching off

The other day,  as I was sneaking into bed next to an already sleeping Renata, the European Champions League game between Chelsea and Liverpool having just ended, my cellphone peep-peeped at me, letting me know a message had arrived:  “How about Chelsea?!?!!! What a game….But, frankly speaking, lousy defense.  Should be easy for Barcelona (ed: … More Switching off