On the Feast of St. Stephen we traveled to St. Paul’s on the Metropolitan line, feeling just a wee bit awkward and self-conscious with our new backpacks and our homemade walking sticks.   After a few photos on the steps of the Cathedral we joined the other tourists for the midday Eucharist. A tall, unhappy-looking young … More Canterbury


There was another procession into Jerusalem that Spring, one that escaped the pen, but certainly not the notice, of the Gospel writers and their early readers. As the city geared up for the festival season, its population swelling five-fold until every spare room, every nook and cranny, was filled with valuable rent-paying, weary and contented … More Lampoon

Ash Wednesday*

I like the notion of travel more than I actually like traveling. If my mood is right and I have nothing pressing to do I can easily spend an hour exploring the world of online maps, photo essays, travel journals and the like. Just this morning, while surveying the earth using a well-known computer application, … More Ash Wednesday*