There was another procession into Jerusalem that Spring, one that escaped the pen, but certainly not the notice, of the Gospel writers and their early readers. As the city geared up for the festival season, its population swelling five-fold until every spare room, every nook and cranny, was filled with valuable rent-paying, weary and contented … Continue reading Lampoon


Of Brexit, Trump and Kings of Old

Were they kings, the men who followed the star from the East to honour the child with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh?  Or were they merely a rabble of starry-eyed astrologers?  The Gospel of Matthew marks them down as 'magi' or 'wise men'; obscure, yes, but with status or exotic qualities enough to win … Continue reading Of Brexit, Trump and Kings of Old

What condition my condition is in.

There's a weight scale in my bathroom with the exotic name of Atlantis with whom I have a nearly daily conversation.  It's one of those modern scales with a tempered glass platform and a digital readout.  When I bought it some years ago I at first hesitated to stand on the glass having never stood … Continue reading What condition my condition is in.