“No one laughs at God in the hospital.”  Or so sings Regina Spektor. It’s not an absolute truth, but my pastoral experience thus far bears witness.  In fact, my first ever hospital visit in the name of the Church of England was to see a man whom I didn’t know; when I asked why he … More Laughing


I went to google “Snagglepuss” and wound up here instead. Heavens to Murgatroyd, I fussed I should have stayed in bed. But too late now, I’m up, I’m washed Let’s see what Facebook’s got. More Farms and Zoo’s and Friend Requests from people I know not. Then on to Daily Show I go, to look … More Snagglepuss

Christmas cards

I hereby declare, single-handedly and unilaterally, that the age of the Christmas card, having commenced sometime in the 1840’s, is officially over.  Sure, we will continue to have a few die-hard stragglers who dutifully keep up this archaic Victorian custom, but their numbers are ever-waning, quaint oddities in a digital age. This year, for the … More Christmas cards