White Stone

As I write, Eva, one of my daughters, is at the doctor’s office with her partner, Matt, getting their first view of the new life forming in her womb.  If all goes well, this little child – to be born in the summer of 2015 – has every chance of living into the next century. … More White Stone

Hare Majesteit

Today as I listened to the live broadcast of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announcing that, come April, she will be abdicating, I was surprised by my emotion. Like many in the world today my ancestry is varied, though the name “Adan” is Scots in origin and it is this ancient cultural heritage with which … More Hare Majesteit


I remember locking up my bicycle once outside the barbershop on the Ferdinand Bolstraat, back when Heineken still had its brewery across the street.  As far as the tourists are concerned Heineken is still there, even though the greater part of the plant – the actual production –  has been moved elsewhere and what remains … More Auto-pilot


Today is Queen’s Day in the Netherlands.  It started way back when as a celebration of the Queen’s birthday and even though the present Queen, Beatrix, was born in January, Koninginnedag is now fixed on the birthday of her mother, Juliana.  Presumably, if you want to have a massive national celebration outdoors, then it makes … More Koninginnedag

Still, blue

A few weeks ago, out walking the dog in the early morning, I was struck by how quiet it was.  Well, relatively.  Because the more I focused on the quietness, the more I realized it wasn’t quiet at all.  We live in the centre of a city of eighty thousand, a 6-lane motorway only 500 … More Still, blue