White Stone

As I write, Eva, one of my daughters, is at the doctor's office with her partner, Matt, getting their first view of the new life forming in her womb.  If all goes well, this little child - to be born in the summer of 2015 - has every chance of living into the next century. … Continue reading White Stone



The Netherlands will be heading to the polls in a few weeks time, so I thought I better bone-up on party platforms.  We have a wonderful multi-party system here, with governments almost always being formed by coalitions.  (The "hung parliament", so dreaded in Britain, is our standard variety.)  There is even a "Party for the … Continue reading Lefty

Customer Service

Anyone who lived anywhere else in the world before coming to Holland knows the words "Dutch Customer Service" border on the oxymoronic.  Naturally there is a modicum of service, otherwise business in general would be impossible.  And I recognize there are even a handful of Dutch businesses known internationally as customer-friendly (KLM Airlines, for instance); … Continue reading Customer Service