Of loss and layers

The woman in the barber shop knew why.  No, I confessed, I hadn’t heard anything.  Well, yes, I noticed the helicopter earlier, twice making a low approach over the neighbourhood, sending flocks of birds into panicked flight before it settled behind the houses up Uxbridge way. The traffic too, when I crossed the street just … More Of loss and layers

Homeland Insecurity

The other day I had my first real bout of missing Canada since arriving in the UK three months ago. Our new table top stereo had arrived from Amazon the day before, replacing and closely resembling the unit we gave away when we left Vancouver, another casualty of the voltage difference between the continents.   … More Homeland Insecurity

F*#k You, Terrorists

F*#k you, terrorists.  Because in your twisted mind living, breathing, happy people are mere objects for destruction.  Your cause is nothing more than a flimsy veil, and you are nothing more than misguided, perverted murderers. F*#k you, terrorists.  Because you will never, ever, succeed in rending the fabric of modern, liberal, democratic society.  Your cause … More F*#k You, Terrorists

Cliff Notes

One gets the sense that the men of Nazareth had done this before. That throwing an impudent delinquent from the top of the cliff just outside their town, though perhaps not a weekly occurrence, was something familiar enough to them that they didn’t really have to hatch a plan. It just came to them in … More Cliff Notes