The Small Thing

"Excuse me!" cried a desperate voice from behind. Paul, lead chaplain for Heathrow's Terminal 2, and I both turned to see a family - mother, father, adolescent son - hurrying toward us across the concourse, dragging an assortment of hand luggage with them, the woman waving a piece of paper in the air. "We checked … Continue reading The Small Thing


Homeland Insecurity

The other day I had my first real bout of missing Canada since arriving in the UK three months ago. Our new table top stereo had arrived from Amazon the day before, replacing and closely resembling the unit we gave away when we left Vancouver, another casualty of the voltage difference between the continents.   … Continue reading Homeland Insecurity

You can’t follow Christ if you’re not a liberal.

I agree, I dislike them too: those internet headlines whose primary purpose is to entice  the reader to click on them.  "Five things every man should know about women."  "You won't believe what she did next..."  "I lost 100 pounds by changing one simple habit."  Etc. etc.  But bear with me; I'm quite earnest with … Continue reading You can’t follow Christ if you’re not a liberal.