Next Monday Renata and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.  Well, celebrate is as celebrate does, I guess. I imagine we'll share a bottle of bubbly and a bowl of strawberries, recalling one of the first songs I ever sang for her on a warm, moonlit Spring night in 1982 as we stood hand-in-hand on … Continue reading Renata


Homeland Insecurity

The other day I had my first real bout of missing Canada since arriving in the UK three months ago. Our new table top stereo had arrived from Amazon the day before, replacing and closely resembling the unit we gave away when we left Vancouver, another casualty of the voltage difference between the continents.   … Continue reading Homeland Insecurity

Ecclesia Anglicana

Having recently become canonically resident and active in ministry in the Diocese of New Westminster, I am now also attending "clericus", the regional meetings of diocesan clergy.  I've been to these types of gatherings in four different countries within the Anglican Communion and they generally hold to a similar pattern: we pray, have coffee and … Continue reading Ecclesia Anglicana