Mattress II

The mattress I bought in the Albert Cuyp market in 2007 has traveled internationally more than most, and I suspect more than most people. The initial move to Canada, which motivated the purchase in the fist place, turned out to be one of our bigger mistakes in life.  We trusted people who were not trustworthy.  … More Mattress II


There were just no two ways about it; somehow it had to fit in the car.  If for no other reason than to spite the aproned, middle-aged Dutch housewife watching me from her second floor balcony across the street, bemused by my stupidity and willing my failure. An April thunderclap had corresponded precisely with my … More Mattress


Next Monday Renata and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.  Well, celebrate is as celebrate does, I guess. I imagine we’ll share a bottle of bubbly and a bowl of strawberries, recalling one of the first songs I ever sang for her on a warm, moonlit Spring night in 1982 as we stood hand-in-hand on … More Renata

Homeland Insecurity

The other day I had my first real bout of missing Canada since arriving in the UK three months ago. Our new table top stereo had arrived from Amazon the day before, replacing and closely resembling the unit we gave away when we left Vancouver, another casualty of the voltage difference between the continents.   … More Homeland Insecurity

The Big One*

If you don’t know what The Big One is, you’ve never lived on the West Coast. Yesterday I got to thinking about The Big One again when I was listening to the radio and heard the mayor of Nanaimo saying that, without the ferry service, Vancouver Island has about a three-day grocery supply. “That’ll never … More The Big One*

Island Farewell 

I push hard against the door, fighting winter’s wind on the other side, stepping from the bright, cozy warmth of the passenger lounge into the dark night air.  Brrrr.  Baby it’s cold outside. Turning right toward the front of the Queen of New Westminster, my unzipped jacket flaps wildly.  I pause, turning my back to … More Island Farewell 

Cape Mudge

Today we put Mom’s ashes into the ground. She’s there now, resting near family members she variously loved or endured, mostly in-laws; Isaac, Jacob, two Maria’s, Uncle Harry and all those poor kids who died on a cold winter’s day early in 1970. Heidi died too that day but her marker, if that’s what it … More Cape Mudge