Ecclesia Anglicana

Having recently become canonically resident and active in ministry in the Diocese of New Westminster, I am now also attending “clericus”, the regional meetings of diocesan clergy.  I’ve been to these types of gatherings in four different countries within the Anglican Communion and they generally hold to a similar pattern: we pray, have coffee and … More Ecclesia Anglicana

The Church should get out of the marriage business

During my ministry career I have presided at dozens and dozens of weddings.  And I’ve done my fair share of marriage preparation too.  However, apart from service entries in the vestry book, I’ve never registered a marriage; I’ve never “married” anyone. When I moved to Canada in 2011 and took up my first posting in … More The Church should get out of the marriage business

L and beyond

Life on Vancouver Island would be relatively inexpensive if one could survive on gasoline and red meat. Both products are, by European standards, remarkably cheap and abundant.  Witness the corresponding love affair with oversized pickup trucks and propane-fired barbecue grills, advertisements for which fill the local papers. (Getting off and on said island, on the … More L and beyond