A hard wind blows

What the story doesn’t tell us, but we nevertheless know to be true because we are men and they were too, is that they fought in the boat.  Not fisticuffs, no, not like that, but there were voices raised to be sure, and words exchanged, salty ones, and comments made about the rowing ability of … More A hard wind blows

Of romance, exile and silver platters.

Tucked into the green foothills of the snow-capped Pyrenees mountains, not far from the mid-point of France’s long southern border with Spain, lies the sleepy village of Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges.  Oddly, this tiny hamlet boasts a cathedral for its not more than three hundred souls. Cathédrale Saint Marie is built on the high point of the village, … More Of romance, exile and silver platters.

Advent One*

A voice says, “Cry out!” And I say, “What shall I cry?” Silence. Barren trees upon Frozen mountains, steely blue under grey-clad sky; Witnesses. Better: underlings, collaborators, Tongue-biting lackeys of a Higher Power. The crow dares, dark of heart and wing. Colour commentator of things not his business. “Ga!”, he shouts convincingly. A single word … More Advent One*

Cape Mudge

Today we put Mom’s ashes into the ground. She’s there now, resting near family members she variously loved or endured, mostly in-laws; Isaac, Jacob, two Maria’s, Uncle Harry and all those poor kids who died on a cold winter’s day early in 1970. Heidi died too that day but her marker, if that’s what it … More Cape Mudge

Five things they should have told me before I was ordained. No, Six.

I may not be the sharpest pin in the box, or maybe I was sitting behind the door when the instructions were handed out but, in any case, I seemed to have missed a thing or two in divinity school.  My professors taught me to read ancient languages, decipher complicated texts, actively listen, and use … More Five things they should have told me before I was ordained. No, Six.


This was our family’s Christmas greeting at the end of last year; for some reason I didn’t think to post it here.  It features all of our kids and grand-kids (Lucas has been born since) and was filmed in three different countries.  Even though I’m late I will post it anyway, to make it part … More Happy!

White Stone

As I write, Eva, one of my daughters, is at the doctor’s office with her partner, Matt, getting their first view of the new life forming in her womb.  If all goes well, this little child – to be born in the summer of 2015 – has every chance of living into the next century. … More White Stone