Cliff Notes

One gets the sense that the men of Nazareth had done this before. That throwing an impudent delinquent from the top of the cliff just outside their town, though perhaps not a weekly occurrence, was something familiar enough to them that they didn’t really have to hatch a plan. It just came to them in … More Cliff Notes

Advent Waiting

Yesterday Renata and I went to do a bit of shopping in a local department store.  It didn’t take long for us to appreciate that we had unwittingly joined the throngs heeding the tempting Siren call of Black Friday sales.  And so we enter once again into that fabled season of ‘holiday shopping’, four frenzied … More Advent Waiting


I knew a Boanerges once.  He was a young man who worked with my mother in the company mailroom in Brasilia, in the 1970’s; a handsome, likeable young man who, if childhood memory serves me well (which it rarely does), caused a bit of a stir among the missionary community on account of some extracurricular … More Boanerges

What must I do?

The insidiousness of the influence of wealth upon those who have it is aptly illustrated by Jacob Loewen in his account of a seminar on worldview which he conducted for some Indian teachers and their missionary colleagues several years ago. He explained to the group that each culture has at its center an “axle” from … More What must I do?