Drostan’s Tears

Some way past Ellon, following the now muddy path which the Formartine and Buchan Way had become after a night and a day of successive bands of thunder storms, I asked her: "So, this walk of ours, from Aberdeen to Mill of Aden, if it's something of a pilgrimage as you suggest, then why are … Continue reading Drostan’s Tears


My first piece of furniture

The first time I actually spent money on a piece of furniture was while living in Fez, Morocco. The estate agent had given a few days to running us around town in his old Renault 4, showing us one grand apartment or villa after another.  He couldn't quite bring himself to believe that this young … Continue reading My first piece of furniture


This past week we reached a milestone in our nuclear family of six: for the first time ever we are all employed to a lesser or greater extent.  In keeping with the times, most of us are working part-time.  But we have jobs none-the-less; something to be thankful for in these economically troubled times. The … Continue reading Jobs