We left home in a downpour, crossing the border at Sumas where the young American immigration officer huddled in her little booth, efficient, pleasant, but not friendly. There was no wait, evidence that a weak Loonie has put an end, for now, to Canadian cross-border shopping sprees. In farmland now, dairy, blueberry, assorted dormant vegetable … More Wenatchee 

9/11 Remembrance

Here’s the text of a reflection I gave this afternoon at the 9/11 Remembrance service, sponsored by the United States Consulate General in Amsterdam (see a wee notice and photo on their website, here): Eight years ago we gathered in this place, bewildered, fearful, anguished, angry, with little comfort or solace.  Hastily we gathered, people … More 9/11 Remembrance

Two dollar bill

In my first year after high school I lived in Corvallis, Oregon, attending a small theological college and working part-time at Bob’s Burgers, a small Oregon-based fast-food chain, now defunct.  One day I was at the front taking orders and received as payment for a milkshake a 1928-issue two dollar bill in pristine condition. Two … More Two dollar bill