A Week at the Airport

Just past Dudley's workstation, off a corridor leading to the security zone, there was a multi-faith room, a cream coloured space holding an ill-matched assortment of furniture and a bookshelf of the sacred texts. I watched a family from southern India coming to pay their respects to Ganesh, the Hindu god in charge of the … Continue reading A Week at the Airport


Adversity and Authenticity

Wandering through IKEA recently I came across a display. There, in a plexiglass box, was a living room chair accompanied by a robotic machine that was submitting the chair, over and over again, to the rigors of being sat upon. By the time I saw it, the machine had “sat down” in the chair more … Continue reading Adversity and Authenticity


In February 2000, following the upset win, by 3 to 1, of the lowly Inverness Caledonian Thistles (known as "Caley") over the world-renown team of Celtic Glasgow, the headline in a Scottish newspaper read as follows: "Super Caley Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious". This, in seven short words, is a wonderful example of the function … Continue reading Parable